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Capital gains in IT Return

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Financial Wellness

Tax Optimizer (TO) helps you reduce your tax outgo and achieve
financial goals by availing maximum tax deductions.

CAs Deliver Tax Optimizer Services

TO service delivery process:

  •  Based on employee docs received, a draft TO report with recommendations is shared with the customer via email
  •  A call/Online Meeting is scheduled to discuss this report
  •  Post discussion over call, a final TO report with recommendations is shared with the customer
TaxOptimizer is Established and trusted

Single Dashboard for employees financial wellbeing

Tax filing and optimization, Tax Optimization with goal optimization and investing in tax saving & other financial products to achieve financial well being. Yes, we provide all in one solution for employees financial needs i.e. CTC Structuring with maximum tax saving through deductions and exemption, financial plan to achieve their goals with maximum tax savings and enabling to buy financial products/services avoiding miss-selling.

Tax Optimizer is well established and trusted

TO is registered trade mark of TaxSpanner and regularly published in Times national publication for four years. TO+ tries to encapsulate both the tax and financial planning needs of an individual at the same time. Today, we are living in a highly dynamic, complex, disruptive and fast-changing world and we have tried to cater to these needs by bringing our TO+ to cater to the modern day demands and needs in the wealth management domain.

TaxOptimizer is Established and trusted
I am so happy that TaxSpanner is handling my taxes. The CA answered all my tax queries in detail and was very patient. Highly recommended.


I am highly impressed by quick and efficient service provided by taxspaner in submitting my I.T. return filling.the staff attended my call nicelyAnd with patience by shashi khanna
Dhruv Khanna


Enhance return up to 30%

Everyone earns money either through job or business but not everyone knows that tax saved is also analogous to money earned. The money earned is then spent to meet the basic needs, partly spent to meet our discretionary needs also called as aspirations and rest is saved or invested to meet our short, medium term and long term goals in life. Sometimes or most often we are not able to differentiate between needs, aspirations and goals. Even when we may be knowing these but still we are unable to channelize our resources in the best possible manner to get the best returns.

TO+ is End to End for safeguard against miss-selling

TO recommends to buy investment as per recommendation. Our services are a bridge to build hyper personal as well as business relationships with our clients and this engagement is a key step to help them achieve their tax optimization with financial goals.

Tax Optimzer Benefits & Features

All in one solution for your tax and financial planning plus investment.

Benefits To Corporates

Right tax saving investments for achieving life goals; Authentic tax advisory and tax saving; Easy connect with a dedicated CA

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

TO+ is End to End for safeguard against miss-selling and extended to buy investment as per recommendation.