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Nilanjan Sinha, DIRESTOR
July 02, 2020

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Proposal prepared by:Sudhir Kaushik | +919810115007

TaxSpanner became the largest e-filing ERI in India in 2011 and an approved GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) in 2016

We offer a Single Dashboard for Tax Compliance for employees, professionals, corporates and CAs

We believe in this era of technical advancement, the employees should have a Single Dashboard for tax filing, optimization and investment. And those looking for entrepreneurship can seamlessly move to our business solution of accounting, GST, TDS, ITR and other supporting software.


Financial Wellness not just FREE filing

On this tax season let’s extend our relationship from only-tax-e-filing to Tax Optimization and Financial Wellness of your employees.

COVID 19 has pushed all of us towards virtualisation of almost everything including tax-filing, saving and investments for financial well-being of our family through digital platform.

Help them in their tax compliance

Encourage by facilitating them to comply with their tax filing obligations.

Help them in achieving their financial goals

Let’s offer them the best recommendations for tax saving investments and match with their life goals.

Financial wellness increases productivity

Tax Optimization helps in achieving Financial goals comfortably. This leads to high level of productivity at work.

Fully Assisted e-filing @349* onward

Fully assisted e-filing @349* onward based on complexity. View Guide

Tax Optimization with Assisted e-filing

The best filing to financial wellness for enhancing wealth and happiness among our professional friends.

Truly automated self e-filing for FREE

Completely FREE e-Filing for Do-It-Yourself people. Suitable for expert users with simple salary income.

Why just e-File your ITR?

Why Not Boost Your Income Too?

What You Get With Free e-Filing
✓ Online self filing -form 16 & 26 AS  upload
 Prepared by tax experts at TaxSpanner  
 Explore maximum tax saving potential beyond 80C 
✗   Detailed TO report personlized for you & your investment analysis

What You Get With  e-File with Tax Optimizer (TO) Report
✓ Online self -form 16 & 26AS upload
✓  Prepared by tax experts at TaxSpanner
✓  Get Maximum Tax Saving Report u/s. 80C
✓  Know whether Old Tax Regime is better or new
✓  Upgrade to Detailed TO report personlized for you & your investment analysis


What You Don't Get In FREE e-Filing on ITD Website?

You can’t get tax saving help by e-filing in Income Tax Department site.

Young with only form-16

  1. Super easy, fast & free e-filing.
  2. Just click hyperlink or Upload form 16 and 26 AS.
  3. Missed tax proof submission to employer including rent receipt to first employer in case of job change.
  4. Changed Job during the year? upload multiple form 16  in one go!
  5. Upgrade for unbiased tax saving or investment guidance.

Middle Management

  1. Just click hyperlink or Upload form 16 and 26 AS.
  2. Multiple house, HRA, capital gain, F & O.
  3. Missed tax proof submission to employer including rent receipt to first employer in case of job change.
  4. Changed Job during the year – upload multiple form 16 in one go!
  5. Upgrade for unbiased tax saving or investment guidance

Senior Management

  1. Just click hyperlink/Upload form 16 and 26 AS.
  2. Consult with an expert for complex tax issues before filing to avoid notice.
  3. Declaring Assets and liabilities for income above Rs 50 lakh.
  4. Tax experts ensure maximum deduction for 2019-20.
  5. Upgrade and consult for tax saving options for 2020 -21 onwards


For Your Employees

We have created dedicated mobile-ready web pages for your employees’s FREE e-filing as well as filing to their Financial Wellness program to help increase the retention and productivity. These webpages can be further customized for pricing packages, content and company policies and can be hosted on your own domain.  

We have noticed that most of the employees leave the tax money on table because of their ignorance, as an employer, we recommend you to enable them know that they should choose their Financial Wellness over just e-filing .

Our Happy Customers.

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We are with PM Modi Ji’s Local-Pe-Vocal

In fact we would like to engage with your corporate tax compliance team to echo with PM Modi Ji’s Local-Pe-Vocal with our experience in digital compliance in India. TaxSpanner is funded by all co-founders from India,  SIDBI and Indian Angel Network (IAN).

About Sudhir Kaushik

Financial Advisor. Entrepreneur. Author

As Co-founder and CEO of the, Sudhir is widely admired for his non-conformist operating style, direct and to-the-point advice and vigorous business tactics and strategy. He advised to the several organizations and has been retained by several corporate during CA practice since 1994 and later as tax expert with Taxspanner since 2007-08. Sudhir has provided the domain knowledge in development of only integrated tax filing portal in India.

Tax Optimizer for salaried CTC resturcturing with maximum tax saving created by his vast experience and getting it is well recognised by corprate as well as media by publishing in ET Wealth for 5 years. He has played key role in business alliance with largest banks, corporate, payroll and CAs as business partner. He has been writing in media since August 2008 and also answered thousands of tax queries from Taxspanner customers. His quotes are regularly sought by leading dailies and business journals in India on tax matters.

He has featured on several television shows including TAX GURU on CNBC on entrepreneurship and tax – specially on budget days. In the spirit of sharing his thoughts he has authored on subjects dear to his heart and central to his business — Tax Planning for Salaried employees.

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Increase Employees’ Retention & Productivity

We offer you to collaborate with us in your journey to providing value to your employees in the changed digital world of this era with a single dashboard!

Services Required

Tax Optimizer: Case Studies in Media:

Finance professional Aikat can save tax by Rs 25,000

Kolkata-based finance professional Soumik Aikat has a low tax outgo even though his salary structure is not very tax friendly and he doesn’t avail of the tax deductions available to him.

Salaried Khanna can cut tax by Rs 4.7 lakh

Mumbai-based finance professional Shuchi Khanna pays a very high tax because her pay structure is not tax friendly, her investment income is fully taxed and she doesn’t claim all deductions.

Salaried Kumar can save over Rs 68000 in tax ...

Mumbai-based IT professional Rohan Kumar pays a high tax because his pay structure is not tax friendly and he doesn’t utilise all the deductions available to him.

Desai can cut tax outgo by Rs 66000 via NPS ...

Hyderabad-based IT professional Ramesh Desai pays a high tax because his salary is structure is not very tax friendly and he doesn’t avail of all the deductions available to him.

More than 100 Case studies already published in ET Wealth last 5 years authored by Sudhir Kaushik of

A complete handbook of income tax preparation and tax filing

In India, most salaried people want to increase their personal savings and yearn to achieve financial freedom. But do they REALLY want to save money or are they too busy? Most people are not motivated enough to learn how they can maximize their savings by efficient budgeting of their personal finances. They are unaware of ways to save tax through tax-efficient investment options available in the market.

How to cut tax by investing in spouse’s name

Why not to buy a second house

Buying home through loan better than renting

A complete handbook of income tax preparation and tax filing

There has been few changes

Important & mandatory

Like reporting passport number, electricity bill above 1 lakh, Form 26AS changes, extended due date, etc. Hence employees needs to be updated for filing correct return otherwise mismatch notice from the income tax department will create hassle later.

Therefore, we have changed the Employees’ e-Filing communication and automated form 16 upload at so that employees do comply with new requirements and avoid mismatch notice later.


Recent changes

What’s the extended due date for filing ITR for FY 2019-20 without late fee?
The income tax department has extended the due date for filing income tax return from July 31 to November 30, 2020 due to Covid 19. The due date has been extended for others than ITR 1 as well.
How to claim the tax benefit of the investment made between April –June 2020 for last financial year due to Covid 19?
In the new ITR forms, a new Schedule DI has been inserted to seek details of the investment, deposit and payments made during the extended period due to Covid 19 till June 2020 for claiming deduction under Chapter VI-A or for rollover of investment in the Financial Year 2019-20,
Who cannot file ITR 1 now due to changes for AY 2020-21?

ITR-1 cannot be used by a person falling under two categories w.e.f. AY 2020-21:

  1. A) who owns a house property in joint-ownership and
  2. B) who has entered into specified transactions mentioned in the seventh proviso to section 139(1), that is, payment of electricity bill in excess of Rs 1 lakh, a deposit of more than Rs 1 crore in one or more current accounts, etc.
  3. C) An individual with a brought forward/carry forward loss under the head ‘Income from house property’ can no longer use ITR-1 to file his/her income tax returns.

Many More updated FAQs For AY 2020-21

For FAQs click here

Empower Your Employees!

There cannot be a better time than now and a better gift to your employees than enabling them to optimize their tax and investments to achieve their financial and life goals early in their career.

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